Managing Your Remunerator Novated Lease


We understand our customers want the flexibility to insure what's important to them, so when unexpected accidents or life events arise, their lifestyle is protected.

Gapcover Insurance

Provides protection in the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss through theft, fire or accident by your comprehensive insurer, by insuring the gap between the total loss settlement paid by the comprehensive insurer and the amount required to pay out the related loan balance, subject to policy benefit limits.

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Motor Vehicle Insurance

Cover for vehicles accidentally damaged, stolen or burnt anywhere in Australia. Protection for claims made against you resulting from damage caused to someone else's property of up to $20 million, plus a range of additional benefits.

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Loan Termination Insurance

Loan Termination Insurance is designed to assist you with your lease obligations in the event of involuntary unemployment, trauma, illness or disability. Designed specifically for Salary Packaged Novated Leases.

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Residual Protection Cover

This insurance cover provides financial protection towards payment of the residual amount payable at termination of your lease, up to a maximum benefit amount. The insurance covers any shortfall (up to $20,000) on your residual when trading the vehicle mid-stream (minimum 2 years) or at maturity.

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Tyre & Wheel

Our market leading product is a simple and cost effective way to ensure your car or motorcycle remains on the road by providing protection against puncture or damage to a tyre(s) / wheel(s) by a pothole, kerb, nails, screws, metal, glass road debris or blowouts to the point that they will no longer hold air,

We will pay to repair or replace the damaged Tyres and/or Wheels without the need for You to pay an excess.

Conditions apply.

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Extended Warranty

Swann is Australia's leading provider of motor vehicle and motorcycle extended warranty products. Our extended warranties provide protection in the event of a mechanical failure or defect and the confidence that comes from knowing you're protected long after the manufacturer's original warranty has expired. 

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