Salary Packaging

Child Care on Employer Premises Child Care on Employer Premises

You may package Child Care Fees, where care is provided on your employer’s business premises.

You are not entitled to the Government rebate when packaging this item.

Package Requirements

Child Care on Employer Premises is a benefit item that is totally exempt from FBT. In the Health and Charities sector this means it can be packaged in addition to the threshold (capped) amount for your Sector, tax free.

Your own personal circumstances can impact the tax effectiveness of salary packaging for child care. It is therefore strongly recommended that you seek independent financial or taxation advice before making any packaging decisions.

The Government rebate does not apply when packaging this item

Process and Payment Options

You have a choice of having your salary packaged funds paid directly to the service provider or alternatively via Remunerator's reimbursement method.

Select Child Care on Employer Premises and the amount you would like to package and your preferred packaging / payment option.


Child Care on Employer Premises FAQs