Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging Card Transition

Remunerator has partnered with Beyond Bank Australia (Beyond Bank) Salary Packaging Card to provide our customers with Salary Packaging cards. Beyond Bank offers a Salary Packaging Visa card for everyday purchases as well as a Meal and Entertainment Visa card for dining out or holiday accommodation.

Your new Beyond Bank Salary Packaging Card allows you to make purchases with your pre-tax salary. So there is no more waiting for reimbursements to come through. This makes it even easier for you to save money!

How do I get my Beyond Bank Salary Packaging card? 

If you are a current NAB card holder, you should have by now received an email with a link enabling you to apply for your new Beyond Bank Salary Packaging card(s). If you have not received this link please contact Remunerator.

When will I be able to use my Beyond Bank Salary Packaging card?

Once you have completed your application online, you will receive a member number which you can use to access your account online through Beyond Bank Internet Banking. Your Personal Identification Number PIN(s) from Beyond Bank Australia will be sent to you in the mail followed by your new salary packaging and/or meal entertainment card within 7 - 10 working days from your successful completion of the application.

You will need to activate your card(s) before you can start using it. Instructions of how to do so will be provided with the card itself.

What do I do with my NAB card?

NAB Salary Packaging cards will close from 30 June 2017. If you have a NAB Salary Packaging card, Remunerator encourages you to spend the funds available while the card remains active.  Once the NAB cards are closed, any remaining balances will be transferred to your new Beyond Bank card.  As this money transfer may take some time, we strongly recommend that you spend your money prior to the cards closing.

For more information please download the FAQs

Key dates

*Funds will not be accessible until Beyond Bank cards have been activated