Who is Remunerator?

Who is Remunerator?

Remunerator is a privately owned Australian company with a history of 25 year's successful operation providing Novated Lease & Salary Packaging Services. We are committed to delivering excellent service to all of our clients, customers & service partners. We welcome feedback expressing gratitude for excellent service & suggestions on improvement, through to the handling of customer complaints.

Our commitment to service excellence is also demonstrated by our salary packaging service, which is supported by a sophisticated custom-built administration system that has to date made more than $2.5 Billion in benefit payments for more than 150,000 employees.

Remunerator is committed to Novated Lease & Salary Packaging Management as a way to: 

  • treat each individual as having individual needs
  • give individuals choices of how they are remunerated for their work
  • recognise that personal needs change from year to year
  • and provide employers with the total accurate cost of employing each individual

Our method of operation is to work with an employer, advising employers on the style of packaging suitable to their organisation, the range of benefits appropriate, etc. We then assist in communicating the rationale, benefits and processes to be followed to their staff.

Employees use specialised Remunerator Software to tailor packages to their personal needs. This Software is designed to provide an easy link to the Remunerator Administration Bureau.

The Bureau is a sophisticated and proven facility, using Electronic Funds Transfers technology.

We are particularly proud of our self help and other YouTube videos published on our Remunerator Channel page.